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Falling Through Time

About Falling Through Time

Quirky, upbeat collection of popular originals from indie pop/rock powerhouse, Wicked Gift!

Considering the length of time which has elapsed; one might well ask what Wicked Gift has been doing since the release of 2007's "Down For The Summer". The answer, friends, can be summed up in a single word: Theater!

We pick up our story shortly after the afore-mentioned album's release. Rebecca Dawkins, our beautiful and talented violinist, had relocated to Florida. I'd written a slightly jazz-tinged number called "Caught In A Dream", and while attending a local open mic night, I persuaded a passing guitarist to get up and perform the number with me. Sam Favata, (the guitarist in question), was sufficiently impressed to attend a (now three-piece) Wicked Gift show, and subsequently join the band. We performed a number of shows in this configuration, before the original rhythm section, (Scott Watkins & Jamie Murmann), moved on to other pursuits, to be replaced by Reuben Long and Drew Jacobs. "Down For The Summer" had been a concept album, a "virtual play", with a complete narrative. In the back half of 2008, I joined up with playwright James Knight to flesh out the narrative into an actual stage- worthy play. The resulting "illustrated concert" premiered in June 2009. The format featured the full band, (in costume), set up above and behind the actors. The band would play a number, the actors would perform the appropriate scene, the band would do the next number, and so on, through the whole album. It worked! I was hooked.

Two of the women in our cast were also performing in a "neo- burlesque" show, (first I'd heard of such a thing), so we all dropped by to check it out. Because I was already excited about theater, I wound up scripting and scoring "Gratisphere, (a Sci-Fi Burlesque)", (January and July 2010), a combination dramatic play and dance showcase. Reuben, Drew, and Sam all had roles, and they were all AMAZING, (who knew?)

Next came "Scorpio's Kiss", (a Murder Mystery Musical)", (April 2011), with a new suite of original songs, and the band again set up behind the actors, (but this time we had them sing and we backed them up). Yielding to popular demand, I then wrote "Gratisphere II, (A Sci-Fi Sequel)", (June 2012), which, (contrary to my pessimism about sequels in general), actually wound up BETTER than the original. Now, all this time, Wicked Gift continued to perform as a band, and new songs were being written, but as you can imagine, our energies were somewhat scattered. In fall, 2012, I had a burst of creativity, (fall is always a good time for me), and many of the songs on this album came into being. Sam Favata had since relocated to the Big Apple, so long-time "WG" fan Charles Grace filled in on lead guitar for our live shows. Finally, (in April 2013), we were at last able start laying down tracks.

"Falling Through Time" thus presents a historical snapshot of the band from 2008 on, with "Caught In A Dream" as the oldest recording, followed by "More Or Less" and "Maintain", (both featured in "Scorpio's Kiss"), and "Tonya's Iguana", (our somewhat surreal entry to the seasonal song market), representing the middle period. All the other songs are of more recent vintage.

In contrast to "Down For The Summer", no over-arching theme was intended for this collection, but, (as these things happen), one emerged anyway, as summed up in the title cut; the associations, (good and bad), brought on by the unexpected hearing of a personally significant song from the past on the radio.

Song descriptions in two words by The Author

  1. Back In The Day (Future Nostalgia)
  2. Mirage (Nowhere Girl)
  3. Kettle Of Fish (Motown Lowdown)
  4. Come Back Around (Leather Jacket)
  5. Devils And Angels (The Pickup)
  6. The Record (Tip Jar)
  7. Falling Through Time (Tonight’s Theme)
  8. Tonya’s Iguana (Seasons Greetings!)
  9. Maintain (To-do List)
  10. More Or Less (That’s Showbiz)
  11. Caught In A Dream (Songwriting 101)


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