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Down for the Summer

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About the Cover

The front cover shot features Amy Leigh, a model and friend of ours from Myrtle Beach, SC. Amy has been instrumental in founding both the Limelight and the Social, two clubs which have proven absolutely vital in keeping the original alt-rock music scene alive and well here in our area.

We would have been proud to have her on our cover for that reason alone, but she also absolutely personifies the look of someone braced to be disappointed by life yet stilll hoping against hope she won't be. It is the perfect image for our album, a kind of "Tim Burton goes to the beach" vibe. Kate Phillips, who also shot the front cover for our Satined Glass Scars CD, caught just the right moment as the sun's last rays hit the cloudtops over the ocean.


About Down for the Summer

As has been stated elsewhere and often, most of the songs on Down For The Summer were written over the course of a year separately, and without regard to any kind of unifying narrative.

It was only in the final stages, while looking over the subject matter we’d chosen to explore, that the idea of a user who himself gets used presented itself. Because the CD format readily lends itself to endless repetition, the notion that the narrator was caught in some kind of behavioral loop, (sorry, but not enough to make any real changes), seemed altogether too perfect to not take advantage of.

Time is a Lie is as much a prelude to The Same as its logical conclusion.

That much having been established, one could go into great psychological depths about each of the main characters and their motivations and relationships to each other. The thinking is, though, (for the moment anyway), that it’ll be a lot more fun for everyone to let their own experiences and imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Does the world really need another rock opera?

We are thrilled to present Down For The Summer, our second full-length Wicked Gift album. Hope you enjoy it.

Many Thanks,
Wicked Gift